Coinage of the Obrenović dynasty

Besides the collection of the medieval coins, the most valuable part of our museum’s Numismatic Collection includes 22 out of 26 specimens of coins belonging to the Obrenović Dynasty. The first currency of the modern Serbian State was – judging by its quality and value – the same as those currencies in the most developed European countries of the time.  

Copper coins made in Vienna in 1868 represent the oldest specimens in our collection. There is a portrait of prince Mihailo on the reverse, and the value (one, five and ten pence) of the coin on its obverse encircled by laurel and oak leaves, i.e. Serbian crown on the top. Next set of coins from 1875 was marked by the appearance of the first Serbian dinar, which then became the basic currency. Coins in one, two and 50p denominations were made. The obverse of the new coinage did not differ from the previous one, whereas the reverse now showed the portrait of Prince Milan. People who are interested can see other specimens besides two dinars in the museum’s permanent exhibition.

The first set of coinage of the Independent Principality of Serbia was issued in 1879. Our collection includes the coinage in five and ten pence denominations made of copper, as well as specimens of 50p, one, two and five dinars, with the only missing coin of 20 dinars, unfortunately. The only difference compared to the previously issued money is the appearance of the obverse, which now showed Prince Milan with a moustache. 

In the honour of the proclamation of the Kingdom of Serbia in 1882, a set of gold coins in 10 and 20 dinars denominations was issued. Compared to the previous coinage, the portrait of King Milan was turned to the right on the obverse. Our collection doesn’t include a gold coin of greater value. The aforementioned museum collection includes coinage of all denominations from the years 1883 and 1884, which are available to the public. Specimens of five, ten and twenty pence had the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Serbia on the obverse. During the rule of the last member of the Obrenović dynasty, two silver coins in one and two dinars denominations were issued in 1897. Their obverse once again showed the portrait of a ruler, this time young King Alexander.