A curtain and a carpet from the Old Palace  

Owing to the generosity of Vraćevšnica Monastery, the Museum received rather valuable items related to the Obrenović Dynasty as a present in 1995. Those items included a carpet and a curtain from the Old Palace, which both witnessed a massacre on 29 May 1903, when both King Alexander and Queen Draga were murdered. This horrible act, which had been prepared for almost two years by young army officers and dissatisfied politicians, marked the end of a significant dynasty.  

The brutality of the murder of the royal couple can best be grasped through the data that king’s body had 30, and queen’s body 18 gunshot wounds. Their riddled bodies were thrown off the Old Palace balcony.

The abbot of Vraćevšnica Monastery Mihailo Urošević went to Belgrade after 1903 and bought the valuable salon of Alexander Obrenović, after which he took both the bloody curtains used for wrapping up the mutilated bodies of the married couple and the carpet from the Palace. The curtain was woollen, maroon in colour, with beige fabric lining. It had a maroon lace and the tassels were tied with the silver thread. There were visible traces of blood belonging to the last members of the Obrenović family.

The carpet was of a similar colour to the curtain, rectangular in shape, with dimensions of 123 x 183 cm. Its whole surface is covered in geometrical and floral ornaments, with flowers of different shades. These two important museum pieces are displayed as a part of the regular exhibition of the Museum in Gornji Milanovac.